Sports Complexes: Building customer loyalty with online booking

Online booking to be mandatory by 2021

In 2021, the habits and expectations of customers regarding the booking of their activities have changed, a change in consumer habits accelerated by the Covid-19. It is now essential to offer customers flexibility and comfort in the booking process in order to build customer loyalty, especially by offering online booking for your sports complex. 

Whether it is through your application or your your website, your customers will appreciate being able to book their session autonomously and in a few clicks.

In addition to making it more accessible to book your sports complex, online booking saves staff time. No need to spend hours on the phone to take reservations, with online booking and payment you can devote this time to other tasks and thus develop your business. Automated management of your schedules will allow you to optimise your off-peak hours and thus develop your clientele.


Personalise the customer experience and build loyalty with online booking

Offering online booking is one thing, making it a simple and intuitive experience is another. A booking process that is too complex can quickly become a constraint and represent an obstacle to booking. It is therefore essential to design your booking platform (app, website...) by simplifying the necessary information as much as possible.

If your customers have already created an account on your booking application, you already have their contact details (first name, surname, email, telephone number), so all you need to do is collect their session information.


 Develop your Application

Segment the clientele of your sports complex and personalise your marketing messages

This information is valuable and will allow you to define your customer types and segment your database. A good segmentation is the guarantee to transmit the right message to your customers and to increase your chances of keeping them loyal. These statistical tools will also be essential in order to better manage your establishment by adapting your offers to the activity.

By booking online, prospects enter your database. Use the information provided to follow up with them. Often, if they don't come to your resort anymore, it's not because they don't want to come, but because they simply don't think of you. A reminder with targeted offers will give you a repeat booking rate of around 70% compared to 48% without communication .

What are the integrated communication tools offered by Doinsport?

  • Mail
  • SMS
  • Push notification (Mobile App)

Develop your online shop to generate new revenue and build customer loyalty

Do not neglect the image that customers have of you. Your members often see you as a reference point for the sport they practice, and your members are your best ambassadors. They are the most likely to recommend your centre to friends and colleagues. It is therefore relevant to market personalised equipment or accessories that can be displayed even outside your complex. 

Additional sales are an excellent way for your club to generate new revenue. In addition, it will improve the customer experience by offering new products and services.