Sports Complexes : The online shop to develop your turnover

Sports Complexes : The online shop to develop your turnover

When talking about generating new income for your sports complex, it is impossible not to mention the online shop, also called proshop. With the rise of e-commerce and online sales (3.4% of retail trade in France according to Fevad), clubs now have many ways to diversify their offer and generate new revenue. generate additional income. Nevertheless, setting up an online shop for your sports complex requires real thought and strategy to be effective.


The online shop to differentiate and build customer loyalty for your sports complex

The image that customers have of you should not be overlooked. Your members often perceive you as a place of reference for the sport they practice, and your members are your best ambassadors. They are the most likely to recommend your centre to friends and colleagues. It is therefore relevant to market customised equipment or accessories that can be displayed even outside your resort. Keep in mind that it is more profitable to keep a customer than to get a new one!

The Guide to Building Customer Loyalty


What are the ingredients that a club's online shop must have in order to be successful and generate its first revenues?

The online shop is part of a branding and customer experience approach. In order to become a key player in your sector, it is important to offer a different experience and this is achieved through the additional services you offer. 


Boost your online bookings with subscriptions 

The online shop also allows you to promote your subscriptions or session packs. This model is used by fitness centres. It is a recurring subscription, generally monthly, for your customers which gives access to particular services. It can be transposed to any activity. For example, a Padel club can create a subscription limited to off-peak hours.

Advantage : Recurring income every month and maximum loyalty

Disadvantage : Be careful with the construction of your offers. Too many subscriptions can be detrimental to your profitability and a disincentive for your customers to buy.

How to put your sports complex online?

The strategic thinking is over, we have reached the fateful and long-awaited stage of putting your shop online. Several solutions are available to you, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

The default choice: Integrate the shop on your site

Now well known and accessible, developing a website (via Shopify, Wix...) is the most direct solution for developing an online shop. Requiring certain technical skills, it is recommended to use a service provider to have a reliable and easy to use shop.


This solution, although reliable and traditional, risks being neglected by your customers who will be lost in the middle of all your platforms (Booking System, Shop, Facebook Page)


The innovative choice : Your club's mobile app

Keep Cool applicationCentralized on a mobile application and coupled with the reservation system of your sports complex. With this solution, you will have all the functionalities of your centre on a single platform accessible on all devices.



  • Better brand image
  • Simplified customer experience
  • Centralization of all your services
  • Incentive to upsell when booking on the app
  • Send Push Notifications to promote your offers

When we know that more than 50% of online purchases are made on mobile phones in France, the importance for independent or franchised sports complexes to be present on the mobile channel by having their own application is undeniable.

Doinsport develops your Club Application 



Who can you turn to for personalised products in your sports complex's online shop?

There are several options for choosing which products to put online: 

Sponsorship with a manufacturer
The Benefits Disadvantages
Prestige of the sponsor brand

Product quality

Several choices on the market

Prospecting time

Negotiation time


Textile Printer
The Benefits Disadvantages
Possibility of working with a local actor

Proximity to the provider

Negotiation margin

Production cost 



Be careful, however, about the quality of the products you offer. According to a study carried out by Ipsos, 72% of French people want more transparency regarding the quality and origin of products. 89% of French people say they are ready to boycott a brand because of a lack of information on the origin or quality of products (Source: Fevad). It is therefore important to know your audience and to adapt the products you offer to their expectations.

The complete guide to developing your sports complex's turnover