Multisport Complex: How to optimise your off-peak hours?

Let's face it: a multi-sport complex cannot be profitable by renting out slots between 6 and 9 pm. You will have no trouble filling your courts during these times. That's why you need to find strategies to optimise the filling of your centre during off-peak hours. Doinsport, the management software for multisport complexes, gives you its advice to fill your centre throughout the day!


Create Special Offers for off-peak hours at your multi-sport complex

Your first instinct is to create offers that will encourage your customers to visit your complex during off-peak hours.


Differentiated pricing

First of all, opt for differentiated pricing. In order to attract your customers during off-peak hours, the price should be an incentive. It is difficult to imagine your customers renting a pitch at 10 a.m. at the same price as a pitch at 7 p.m.


Match packs

However, differential pricing alone will not guarantee that your centre will be full. Another good way to encourage your customers to use your multi-sport complex during off-peak hours is to create match cards limited to these quieter times. The benefit is twofold:

  • Build loyalty among your members
  • Generate cash in advance


Finally, while we do not recommend unlimited subscription models, we strongly encourage this off-peak offer. An unlimited off-peak subscription provides you with a recurring monthly income while limiting your members' ability to book during off-peak hours.

How does Doinsport help you manage your multisport complex offers?

Doinsport is the only management software for multisport complexes offering :

  • Automated differential pricing (including peak/off-peak overlap)
  • Management of game packs with limitation to off-peak hours
  • Subscriptions with off-peak limitation (Integrated Levy)

Attract companies to your multi-sport centre

To fill your quietest hours, don't hesitate to differentiate your clientele and propose offers for companies

With 40,000 Works Councils in France, you have a large pool of potential customers. Thanks to your Bar/Snacking/Restaurant areas, the CSEs will find a definite interest in organising events in your centres.

For example, a masonry company could organise a sports meeting from 10 to 12 am and then a meal in your centre before moving on to sports activities from 2 to 4 pm. In one event, you have rented a field, for one day during your off-peak hours.


How can Doinsport help you organise company days at your multisport complex?

Doinsport, management software for sports facilities, allows you to :

  • Prospect your business customers thanks to a Mail / SMS communication and Notifications module
  • Effortless event planning functionality


Diversify the activities of your multisport complex

Finally, you can use these off-peak hours to expand your customer base by offering new activities. Pilates classes, gentle gymnastics for the elderly or Zumba for stay-at-home mums can all take place on your grounds. The drop in attendance will reassure these potential customers. As for you, you can sublet the grounds to independent people or offer this activity directly in your centre.

How can Doinsport help you to set up new activities in your multi-sport complex?


  • Booking group lessons online


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