Sports Club: How to generate more turnover?

In most cases, renting space alone cannot guarantee the profitability of a sports club. Here are our 5 tips for increasing the turnover of your sports complex!




Attracting customers is good, getting them to come back is even better! To do this, there are several ways of building customer loyalty. Tools that your sports club management software must be able to manage.

Offer Subscriptions

This model is used by fitness centres. It is a monthly recurring fee for your customers that gives access to specific services. It is transposable to any activity. For example, a Padel club can create a subscription limited to off-peak hours.

Advantage : Recurring income every month and maximum retention

Disadvantage: Be careful with the construction of your offers. Unlimited subscriptions, for example, can greatly erode your profitability

Creating Credit Packs

Credit packs or session cards are a powerful and flexible loyalty lever. The principle is simple: sell prepaid cards that give access to specific services. For example, an indoor football club offers its customers the possibility of buying 10 games in advance for the price of 9.


  • You generate cash in advance
  • You engage the customer for 10 services. They will be more inclined to organise their activities at your club rather than at your competitor's.

Disadvantage: It can be difficult to keep track of. However, sports facility management software such as Doinsport can help you manage these aspects.

The virtual portfolio

The virtual wallet represents a dematerialised sum of money available from your customers' member account. This amount can be used at any time and for any type of purchase in your sports centre. Thus, by recharging his virtual wallet, a customer can pay for his sports activities but also for snacks, drinks or a product bought in your pro-shop. To encourage reloading, you can imagine a reloading model such as 30 euros paid = 35 euros credited to the wallet


  • Extreme loyalty
  • More cash for children/teens
  • Differences in managed VAT

Disadvantage : Not very developed. In France, Doinsport is the only management software to offer this option to sports clubs.


How does the Doinsport software help me build customer loyalty?



Your existing customers are a gold mine. By implementing a few techniques, you can easily increase your turnover.

Develop your additional sales

Too often, additional sales are neglected by complexes. Yet they can represent a significant financial windfall.

The Bar/Restaurant area, the must-have of the sports club

A sports club is a place of life and entertainment. Playing football, padel, tennis or any other activity is an opportunity for your customers to share a convivial moment. Anchored in the tradition of the French sports centre, the clubhouse has become indispensable. This activity can represent up to 25% of the turnover of a complex.

Increase your average basket with +1 Sales

When booking online, offer your customers the possibility to rent a racket or pre-order their tour. With this cross-selling, you will increase the average basket spent in your centre.


You don't have to become Amazon to start making money from reselling merchandise. Don't neglect the image that customers have of you. Often your members see you as an expert in the sport they play. Therefore, you can easily sell rackets, shoes, balls or any other merchandise in your centre.


Leverage the data you have. By booking with you, prospects enter your database. Use the information provided to follow up with them. Often, if they don't come to your resort anymore, it's not because they don't want to come, but because they simply don't think of you. A regular reminder with targeted offers will give you a repeat booking rate of around 70% compared to 48% without communication.

What are the integrated communication tools offered by Doinsport?

  • Mail
  • SMS
  • Notification Pushes (Application)



The number one enemy of your sports club is customers who do not honour their reservations. It's difficult to re-book the activity a few minutes before the time slot.


What solutions can you put in place to limit the effect of cancellations on your turnover?



Online booking and the associated payment methods are an extremely effective solution against losses due to cancellations.

By requiring full payment, whether your client cancels or visits, they will have paid for their booking. However, this lack of flexibility can frustrate the booker given the large monetary advance made.

However, there is another solution. The main advantage of making a deposit is that it is less expensive than paying in full. All of this is done by committing the booker. However, if he does not show up, you will only get back the amount of the deposit.

So go for flexibility! The credit card imprint is a deposit requested from the client without the amount being debited. In the event of a no-show, you can collect all or part of the amount due. It is also possible to show your commercial side and not to debit your regular customer!


Very often, the withdrawal of one of the participants is the cause of a cancellation. Doinsport is the only software on the market to offer an application that allows players to be put in contact with each other.

In concrete terms, if there is a lack of people to practice the activity, your customers can create a match to look for partners. Once the match has been created, all the members who have the application and similar game preferences (level, geolocation) are alerted via a notification. They can then complete the match and avoid cancellation.


Would you prefer a hotel with or without a swimming pool for the same price? The answer seems obvious. It only reveals one thing: the services you offer will differentiate you from the competition.

How can you offer more services to your customers?


Today, your customers want to book easily and online. Teenagers, young adults or executives, all profiles have assimilated the dematerialization of the reservation. However, not everyone has the same habits. This is why we have developed 3 distinct booking channels.

The must: your sports complex's website

Older people will prefer the web. A dedicated booking section should appear on your site and the process should be simple. No lengthy account creation and ease of use. We bet on registration by phone number and validation of the account by SMS code. It takes only 6 seconds to create an account with Doinsport. Result: an online booking rate of over 75%.

The most connected: your club's Facebook page

It is possible to integrate the booking gateway on your Facebook page. The objective is simple: your millennial customers use Messenger to organise their parties. They are constantly connected to Facebook. It is therefore easier for them not to leave this channel to make their reservation.

The future: The application in your centre's colours

Finally, the youngest cannot do without their smartphone. That's why we suggest that you make an application available to your customers. A real point of contact with your sports club, they will be able to find all the services of your complex in their pocket.



Provide dedicated offers to the ESCs

Sports clubs have an important base of prospects with CSEs. There are more than 40,000 of them in France. These works councils are constantly looking for activities to offer their employees. What's more, they organise seminars and team building. So many events that you can offer as a service.

Market the spaces around your business parks!

A sports club is a place where you stay for at least 45 minutes to two hours. There are very few places where people spend that much time. A godsend for companies wishing to communicate and advertise. At €500 excluding VAT per location, renting advertising space around your activity areas can represent a significant financial windfall for your complex.

Like a professional sports club, opt for naming

You may be familiar with the Orange Velodrome, the Ethiad Stadium or the Matmut Atlantique. Naming has become commonplace for professional football clubs. Why not propose to a company in your region to sponsor one of your business areas.

How to develop the turnover of your sports club with professionals?

The answer with our special B2B CA file