General Data Protection Policy – GDPR

Concerned about the respect of private life and the protection of the information entrusted to it, the company Trénicom, modified their organizations and their procedures, in order to respect the legislation in force.

1- Commitments

The company Trénicom undertakes to treat all the data transmitted or collected in a manner that complies with the texts applicable to data protection (Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended and the European General Regulation 2016/679 of April 27 2016 on data protection, these two texts being hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”).

This general data protection policy is addressed to both:

    • To professionals, partners of the company Trénicom,
    • To employees of Trénicom, who may or may not use all of the company’s digital tools,
    • To candidates wishing to join Trénicom,
    • To individuals who are clients or prospects of the company Trénicom,
    • Internet users browsing the site www.doinsport.com
    • To users of the management platform www.doinsport.club
    • To users of the Doinsport mobile platform

2- GDPR glossary

The processing of personal data is an organized set of operations carried out on personal data (collection, structuring, storage, modification, communication …).

    • Personal data is information that makes it possible to identify a human being (natural person), directly (for example their name / first name), or indirectly (for example their telephone number, their email address).

The data subject is the one who can be identified by the data used for the processing of personal data.

  • The data controller is the person who decides how the processing of personal data will be implemented, in particular by determining what the data will be used for and what tools will be used to process them.
  • The subcontractor is the one who carries out data operations on behalf of the controller, he signs a contract with the controller who assigns him certain tasks and who ensures that he has the technical and organizational guarantees, allowing the processing of personal data entrusted to it in accordance with the regulations.
  • The recipient is the one who receives an authorized communication of personal data.
  • A “cookie” is a set of data stored on computer equipment (computer or other device connected to the Internet) necessary for the operation of a website.

3- Nature of personal data

In application of the principle of minimization, only strictly useful personal data are collected and processed.

The information likely to be collected concerns in particular:

    • Last name
    • First names
    • Image / Logo
    • Address, Postal code and city of residence Personal and \ or professional telephone (s) Personal and \ or professional e-mail (s) Provident insurance
    • professional of the Person Concerned Function, Coefficient, Salary,

The connection data of the Data Subject

  • IP address of the terminal or equipment connected to the Internet
  • Data specific to the technical devices used to access the
  • services made available by group companies (PC, smartphone,
  • Web browser, etc.), Cookies

The data controllers collect and process only personal data which are transmitted to them voluntarily, or provided by the various software or hardware (ERP, Pointing, Internet routers, etc.).

In accordance with the foregoing, and except if it is necessary to communicate personal data to companies whose intervention as third party service providers on behalf and under the control of the person in charge is required for the aforementioned purposes, no Société Trenicom will not transmit the personal data collected in this context, nor will it sell, rent or exchange it with any organization or entity, unless you have been informed in advance and have explicitly stated given your consent or, unless required by law, for example in the context of legal proceedings.

Personal data is not transmitted to third countries or to international organizations.

Third parties, service providers are subject to the same rules of confidentiality.

4- Purposes of processing

We collect and process this information in order to meet explicit and legitimate purposes. These data may, among other things, be processed for the following purposes:

    • Legitimate interest such as the satisfaction of a legal obligation,
    • Management of human resources, recruitments and emergencies,
    • Business relationship with its customers, suppliers, subcontractors and
    • Prospects, or the information of professional contacts, involving in
    • In some cases, the explicit consent of the person concerned,
    • Analysis, Security and access to the information system,
    • Provision of online services (Website, FTP, etc.),
    • Mutual or provident fund calls for tenders (employee demographics).
    • Data controllers may possibly call on third parties, service providers, and must take all necessary measures to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and access to this data.
    • Data controllers may transmit personal data at the request of any legally competent authority or on their own initiative if they believe in good faith that the transmission of such information is necessary in order to comply with laws or regulations or in order to defend and / or protect the rights or property of Trenicom, its customers, all of its digital tools and / or yourself.
    • Security measures
    • In order, as far as possible, to prevent unauthorized access to the personal data collected in this context, procedures have been developed or improved. These procedures concern both collection, storage and access

5- Data access

Access to this data is strictly limited to employees and staff authorized by reason of their functions and bound by an obligation of confidentiality, and where applicable to customers or subcontractors. The partners in question are subject to an obligation of confidentiality and may only use your data in accordance with our contractual provisions and applicable law.

Apart from the cases set out above, we undertake not to sell, rent, transfer or give access to third parties to your data without your prior consent, unless we are forced to do so for a legitimate reason (obligation legal, fight against fraud or abuse, exercise of the rights of defense, etc …).

However, the data collected may possibly be communicated to subcontractors contractually responsible for carrying out the tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the company Trenicom and its services as well as for the proper management of the relationship with you, without you need to give your permission. It is specified that, as part of the performance of their services,

Subcontractors have only limited access to your data and have a contractual obligation to use it in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

6- Retention period

The company Trenicom has determined precise rules concerning the retention period of personal data, in order to limit retention to a period strictly necessary.

At the end of the fixed period, the personal data will be, depending on the case, deleted or archived, in compliance with the applicable Regulations, except contractual, legal or legitimate obligation of the employer.

Treatment and Duration of Deletion / Archiving:

    • Recruitment – 3 years if the candidate is not selected
    • HR management, Authorization management – 5 years from the employee’s departure
    • Payroll management – 5 years from payment of salary
    • Contact management – 1 year after the last contact
    • Information system – 1 year from the employee’s departure (Authorization of access, Email received, Telephony – calls and SMS, Management of emails \ files, Telephone \ SmartPhone)
    • Immediate deactivation of accounts, Immediate transfer to the manager, Immediate transfer to the manager or switchboard,
    • Archiving within 3 months

7- Rights of access, rectification, right to be forgotten, data portability, opposition, non-profiling and notification of security breaches

In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978 as amended and European Regulation No. 2016/679 / EU of April 27, 2016 (applicable from May 25, 2018), you have the right to access, rectify and erasure of your data or restriction of processing. You can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning you, insofar as this does not interfere with the functioning of the company Trenicom.

If you wish to exercise your rights of information, access, rectification or opposition for legitimate reasons of your personal data, please contact the “Data Protection Officer” of the company Trenicom:

    • By phone: +33 6 26 11 12 32

With email: contact@doinsport.com

  • By letter

Data Protection Officer of the company Trenicom 24 rue Charles Tellier 13014 Marseille

To facilitate the procedures and in particular to speed up the processing time, the Trenicom company invites each person concerned, when submitting a request for the exercise of rights, to:

    • Indicate which right (s) she wishes to exercise,
    • Clearly mention their names / first names / contact details to which they wish to receive their recorded data
    • Attach a copy of an identity document