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Which offer is right for me?

We invite you to make an appointment with one of our sales representatives.

He will assess your needs in the best possible way.

Once we've analyzed your needs, we'll propose the most suitable offer.

Several packages are available to meet the needs of small structures right up to franchises of dozens of clubs.

The aim is to charge you for what you need, nothing more!

Can Doinsport migrate my data from another program?

Yes, we take care of your data migration.

This can be done from any previous system or provider. We reintegrate them as they are into your Doinsport software.

We'll also advise you on the easiest way to send us the necessary files.

If you are interested, please speak to your sales representative.

Do I have to configure the software myself?


A Doinsport technician will configure your software.

It will collect all your club's information during a meeting. It will pre-configure the software to your club's image.

Will I be trained on Doinsport software?


We'll train you on all existing functionalities.

The aim is to make you as independent and efficient as possible.


A dedicated account manager will take care of your club and monitor it over time?

An initial information gathering meeting.

It will enable our team to integrate the information into the software and ensure its configuration.


A 2nd appointment will mark the start of your Doinsport software training.

Depending on the package you subscribe to, a number of hours of training will be provided to make you autonomous.

What do I actually pay for in software?

We are a SaaS (Software As A Service) company, which means that we make daily improvements to our solution.

The aim is to make it as suitable as possible for your needs over time.

A team of 30 people work every day to optimize and develop the product.

This is done with a view to making improvements based on daily feedback from our 750 customers.

What's more, a large part of our team remains in support all year round.

In fact, we perform many cross-functional tasks:

Training for new customers - Training for existing customers

Configuring the various functions - Migrating data from your previous service providers

Day-to-day response to all customer queries

Finally, we have significant technology development costs .

We strive to maintain the best customer experience within our various solutions.

If I don't have WIFI, will my software still work?

Yes !

The accounting and monetary system works offline, i.e. without any network.

You can continue to cash in your benefits without any problems.

These receipts will be automatically transmitted once the network has returned. 

For the "subscription and customer booking" part, you can use the software on your phone or tablet using the standard mobile network.

Tip: the software requires very little network connection.

A simple shared connection can do the trick while you reconnect your Wifi?

How and when can I contact technical support?

For all our customers, our online Support Center is updated daily . What's more, we offer online guides for every feature.


Doinsport also offers unlimited technical support for the duration of your subscription.


Need more help? We're always available by phone, chat or e-mail.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. The security of your data is our top priority.

We use several hosting providers to store your data and follow strict procedures.

We are PCI compliant.

Whether we're talking about your subscribers' data, their banking information or your business accounts, everything is encrypted and stored.