WE, who is it exactly ?

“Technology at the service of sport and social links”


Doinsport was established in 2015.
We started at 2!

Today Doinsport has grown well, it is a team of 20 young and dynamic people on permanent contracts, offices in the city center of Marseille, a product in constant evolution thanks to a very competent TECH team.

Our head office is located in the heart of Marseille, although many of us are now free to work there and feel good.

Some from the house, others by the sea, there is something for everyone.

We are developers, designers, skiers, triathletes, customer successes, business developers, thinkers, idealists, high and low level athletes, travelers and hard workers …

With so much diversity within our group, we claim to go far to offer the best to our customers but also to respect our values.



From a simple application, we opted for the development of a complete management software

Our Business Model was initially based on the number of people we reported to sports center managers through our player matchmaking application.

After a major strategic change, we opted for the development of a global solution that responds to all the problems of the manager of sports & leisure centers because so far insufficiently equipped.

In short, almost no technology allowing significant management time savings and facilitating customer-manager interaction existed.

The assistance to be provided to these directors of structures was therefore identified:

  • Have a single tool to manage their entire center

Implicitly, we save them hours every day and we allow them to get additional turnover.

The Doinsport story began with many ups and downs and the signing of the first contracts was sometimes quite anecdotal.

Indeed, I remember signing a contract on a paint bucket or at the back of a vegetable store, unforgettable moments!


Doinsport in figures in 2021, this is :

A presence in 12 countries
+ 300 clients
+ 50 different sports and leisure activities
Customer service that won all awards